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Ethereal 3D UPGRADED Extruder PCB. Sidewinder X2 and Genius Pro

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A newly designed break out board. The new PCB has been custom designed with thicker traces and is manufactured to a higher quality than the stock unit.

The new ribbon connector is a vibration resistant locking FPC connector, and the heater connector is a pluggable screw terminal rated at 10 amps, both from Amphenol, a common manufacture of connectors used in aerospace and industrial automation applications. This can help alleviate issues that some people have run into with the stock board such as burning/overheating of the ribbon cable connection and heater connection.

The JST connectors are genuine JST manufactured parts. It also features a 5mm neo pixel LED with a Panasonic 230uf capacitor for improved noise reduction.

Lastly there are three probe connector options for common BL-Touch type probes to allow for a plug and play solution.

(You may need to repin the the BL/3D Touch cables to suit the correct line out, This is easily done using a pin to push out the connector from the plug)

1* Ethereal 3D Extruder PCB. Suit X2 and Genius Pro


option to buy heater cartridge.

  • NOTE:

    The heater connector will need to be cut off and have ferrules installed to fit into the new screw terminal (heater cartridge with pre-fitted ferrules available).
  • The blue plastic extruder cover will not fit with this board installed.
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